Political risk analysts examine the political climate and social conditions of a particular country, region, or market to determine the level of political risk. They provide information pertaining to government stability, crime levels, currency convertability, land rights issues, as well as other factors that would affect return on investment. Typically, analysts gather information pertaining to the area of interest, determine the causes, sources, and level of risk, and forward their findings to decision-makers. They also may provide solutions or offer recommendations for overcoming these risks.

We live in an era of volatility and uncertainty, one that generates both risks and opportunities for businesses and investors around the world. APAC is committed to helping our clients understand and navigate this changing geopolitical landscape and to make better-informed decisions in an uncertain world. APAC prepares political risk analysis on weekly or monthly bases and country reports particulary on Turkey and the countries in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Eurasia.

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