Despite rhetoric ridden statements regarding cooperation between Turkish and Chinese officials, China’s current involvement in the Middle Corridor is not at the significant level. There are no significant Chinese investments in the ports, railroads, and motorways in the Broader Black Sea region. Although some Chinese cargos were transferred to Europe through the MC in the past year, sea routes and then the Northern (Russian) Corridor are still the backbone of China-Europe trade. The United States and the EU are also not eager to see China’s heavy involvement in the Middle Corridor. The United States and the EU likely support the Middle Corridor, for the purpose of building an integrated market in the Broader Black Sea region rather than reaching to China.

Keywords: Turkey, China, Black Sea, EU, Russia, Silk Road, Middle Corridor, and Belt Road Initiative.

The Sino-Turkish Relationship in the Black Sea

​Selçuk Çolakoğlu

China in the Broader Black Sea Region, Alexandra Martin. (ed.),  March 2021

GLOBSEC - The Martens Centre - The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST)