South Korea’s Official Development Assistance to Developing Asian Countries and Nepal

Dr. Bama Dev Sigdel - People's Campus in Kathmandu

APAC Report · January 2022 


Creation of EDCF and KOICA and accession to OECD in 1996 institutionalized Korea’s ODA program which had been basically targeted to developing countries of the world. South Korea has been assisting on the sectors such as; water management, health, sanitation, education, energy, etc. The main objectives of Korea’s ODA program are: reducing the poverty level of the developing countries, improving the human rights of women and children of such countries, supporting the motto of SDGs, and promoting economic cooperation for pursuing peace and prosperity in the international community. The key questions which are raised and answered from this research paper are as follows: 

What are the characteristics of Korea’s Aid Policy? What are the issues on Korea’s Aid Programs?  How Korean aid programs have been allocated?  Who were the major and beneficiary countries of Korea’s ODA?

Keywords: ODA (Official Development Assistance), EDCF (Economic Development Cooperation  Fund), KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), South Korea, South Asia, and Nepal.

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