BEIJING -- President Xi Jinping's remarks at the Group of 20 Riyadh Summit have drawn wide acclaim for providing China's solutions to common global challenges.

Noting that the virtual meeting gave G20 leaders a chance to propose their own solutions to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, Selcuk Colakoglu, director of the Turkish Center for Asia Pacific Studies, said Xi was "one of the leaders providing very comprehensive solutions to the pandemic and its economic and social outcomes."

"The world needs more collaboration on the global scale to overcome all difficulties of the pandemic. International organizations and forums like the UN and the G20 have more crucial roles to play," he said.

China has made clear that it is ready for cooperation at multilateral and bilateral levels for developing solutions to the pandemic and other global issues, Colakoglu said, adding that "these are what exactly we need."

Xi's words have demonstrated China's determination to actively strengthen multilateralism and promote global economic recovery, said Juliana Gonzalez Jauregui, director of the China Studies of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences at University of San Andres in Argentina.

The G20 mechanism bears an important responsibility for the global anti-virus fight and the recovery of the economy, Jauregui said, adding that its members should unite and play a more active role in global governance.

Xi's remarks "prepare the ground for further extending the G20 agenda and promoting multilateralism by strengthening the G20 and the UN system," said Berthold Kuhn, a senior researcher at Free University of Berlin.

The next months and next summits will "have to show whether the G20 could deliver on pressing governance challenges in the field of health, climate action, health, and digitalization," Kuhn added.

President Xi Jinping speaks during the second session of the G20 Riyadh Summit via video link from Beijing on Nov 22, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua]

China provides solutions to common global challenges -- experts say about Xi's G20 remarks

People's Daily, November 25, 2020